TWO THREE IRON FURNITURE, Japanese Artist Yasuyuki Mori's iron and glass works

First of all, it is a preparation for the tool to warm iron "Furnace".
It burns coal, and iron is softened.
Smoke doesn't rise when rising in temperature though smoke has risen silently either.

make a cut line before iron stick is warmed.

Furnace is Ready

tools of left side is tools for expended shapes of cutted iron sticks.

These are tools of wrought iron,
many shapes of hummers.

iron stick changed shapes like"T"
and expend the point

hummered and warmed, again and again.

hummered like fold

make shapes of the face

make the shapes of mouth,nose

parts of faces are finished.

sheep face is finished.
many of the wrought iron works of us,
made from only one iron sticks.