Spanish black smith, Mr.Ocampo's Website.

glass workshop and studio in Shiga

the shop featured African fablic and Japanese artists order made furniture.

archtecture office in Kyoto. Featured japanese modern style.

ballet studio "skholé " .at Kyoto kitayama.

gardener in Shiga, Shinpei Tsubakino is a online shop of wrought iron tools..

order made jewery workshop

group of handmade and repair works.

oupper,brass,workshop and Store.

Myoukou Kazuko's private salon.

felt works,"tagui"'s web site. order-made dolls.

Northern Europe Gallery space in Shiga,Japan.

Spanish black smith, Mr.Toni's Website.

earthenware shop in Shigaraki,Japan.

designer,Tanaka minoru's website.

tech and information of wrought iron works

scruptor friends in Catalonia,Spain(only Spanish)